Losing the Lockdown Weight – Day 2

I wasn’t actually that hungry when I woke up this morning, although I have found temptations seeping in throughout the day.

Breakfast: Yogurt with Apple, Mango and Hazlenuts

170 calories or (295 calories?)

I’m really confused about this one. The book said that it was 170 calories, but when I put it into the My Fitness Pal app, it came out at 295! I used a Pink Lady apple, which are quite sweet, but that still only accounts for 72 of them. I made sure that I went for a decent walk today, just in case!

I’m also a bit confused about the yogurt. I’ve automatically bought low-fat, as I always have done, but I’m now wondering if I’ve made a mistake there – are there more calories in low-fat than full-fat? Is there more sugar in it? This is were I maybe need to switch gears between thinking low fat and thinking calories.

Anyway, the recipe told me to blend the mango and hazelnuts into a paste, and put this underneath the yogurt. The paste was delicious, and another trick that I’ll be trying out again. I could have coped with half the amount of yogurt and apple next time though.

Lunch: Spicy Hummus with carrot sticks

240 calories

This was really yummy. I’ve got an extra portion in a jar for later on in the week, and I’m looking forward to having it again.

Evening Meal: Spicy Chicken and Lentils

470 calories

The lentils were tasty, and I’d never have thought to use them in place of carbs in a main meal, but there was far too much fennel here for me.

I feel as though I’ve been thinking more about food today. I’ve become really, really aware of how much my children eat : 2 course breakfasts, snacks, ‘is there a pudding?’, ice pops… they are always eating, and telling me about it!

I’ve also felt a bit peckish at several points today – much less so than I thought I would be at this stage – and found myself planning what to snack on. Even an orange was out of bounds. I also tend to use cups of tea and coffee to fill up when I’m doing low-fat diets, and I couldn’t do that again today – another habit that I’m finding it hard to break.

Overall, day 2 has been easier than I thought it would be. I’ve heard that day 3 is potentially the worst, and that after that I’ll start burning body fat, feel fuller and have more energy. Fingers crossed!

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