Losing the Lockdown Weight – Day 3

Day 3 and going strong. I didn’t wake up until 9:30 this morning (Son and Daughter had both had two breakfasts by that point). It took me ages to get to sleep last night as my stomach was rumbling by then, but I obviously slept well when I did drop off. I’ve made sure that I’ve drunk much more herbal tea and water today as I think that I was also thirsty last night.

Breakfast: Spinach and Pea Omelette

250 calories

Surprisingly large omelette considering that it only had 2 eggs in it. Really good.

Lunch: Spinach Chickpea and Spinach Soup

360 calories

Really tasty and the chorizo gave this soup loads of flavour. I continue to be confused about the calories stated in the book. I’ve no idea whether 200g of chickpeas means a 200g can, drained, or 200g of drained chickpeas, which is quite different. I’ve gone with calorie count from my app, although the book says that this soup is 210 calories.

Evening Meal: Foil-steamed Fish

280 calories

Really nice, but I was very naughty and added some carbs in the form of rice. It just seemed that there was nothing to fill me up in this meal without it.

In other news, the third and final episode of ‘Lose a stone in 21 days’ was aired tonight, and they all lost a decent amount of weight, so it is possible. It’s given me a spur to carry on – especially seeing as nothing is showing on the scales for me yet.

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