2021 New Release Challenge

I seem to be spending a lot of time reading new releases this year, so I’m taking part in the 2021 New Release Challenge.

I’ve set myself the challenge of reading and reviewing over 30 books published in 2021 before the end of the year.


These are the books published in 2021 that I’ve read so far this year:

  1. Bloodline’ by Jess Lourey
  2. ‘The End of Men’ by Christina Sweeney-Baird
  3. ‘The Blame’ by Kerry Wilkinson
  4. ‘Circus of Wonders’ by Elizabeth Macneal
  5. The Valley of Lost Secrets’ by Lesley Parr
  6. Cunning Women’ by Elizabeth Lee
  7. Fragile’ by Sarah Hilary
  8. Under the Whispering Door’ by T. J. Klune
  9. ‘The Night She Disappeared’ by Lisa Jewell
  10. ‘Fragile Monsters’ by Catherine Menon
  11. Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady’ by Darlene Foster
  12. ‘The Friend’ by Charlie Gallagher
  13. ‘Things to Do Before The End of the World’ by Emily Barr (read my review here)

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