Book Review of ‘Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady’ by Darlene Foster

I read about this novel on a book blog and was intrigued – it sounded just like the kind of thing that my 9-year-old daughter would enjoy reading. I’m pleased to say that since I’ve read ‘Amanda in Malta’, I’ve told her all about it and she can’t wait to not only read this novel, but the whole series. She wants to start with those featuring countries that she’s been to herself, and now has a very full Amazon wish list!

In ‘Amanda in Malta’, the lead character goes on holiday to Malta and gets involved in the mystery of a 4000 year old figurine that goes missing from a museum. The unique feature of this book, it that in reading it children will learn so much about the country that it features. The characters visit a range of Malta’s places of interest, both those on the common tourist trail, and some which are a little more obscure. The young reader is told interesting facts about Malta (I learned a lot!) and introduced to a few phrases in the language. This is a great book for children who want to learn about a country without reading non-fiction.

I think that readers of 8-12 will really enjoy this book and think that Darlene Foster has come up with an excellent idea for this series – I’ll be recommending it for my travel-deprived Year 7s this term!

16 thoughts on “Book Review of ‘Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady’ by Darlene Foster

  1. Great review of Darlene’s book and I know your daughter will love it as well as the entire series. I’m planning on introducing the series to our granddaughter in a few years as I know she would enjoy them all (she’s four currently, so I have a few years)!!

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