Book Review of ‘A Line to Kill’ by Anthony Horowitz

There has never been a murder on Alderney… Well, there has now!

In the third of his Hawthorne series, Anthony Horowitz once again places himself as a character in this novel. This time, the pair are attending a literary conference on the island of Alderney, along with an eclectic selection of other writers – a celebrity chef, a French performance poet, a medium and a children’s author.

Although this is a murder mystery, I’d place this book very much in the genre of ‘cozy Murder’ – no gore, swearing or vivid descriptions of violence. However, what ‘A Line to Kill’ lacks in grit, it makes up for in Horowitz’s cast of fully-formed characters, a plot full of twists and turns, and his tongue-in-cheek humour. Although this book is the third in a series, it is easily read as a stand-alone novel, and this is the page-turner that will get readers talking this summer.

His novels about Detective Hawthorne are pretty unique in featuring the author as a character. Personally, I really enjoyed reading descriptions of Horowitz’s meetings with his publicity team and agent, which offered a rare insight within the bounds of fiction. Thoroughly recommended, and I look forward to the next instalment!

Thank you to Anthony Horowitz, Random House and NetGalley for an ARC of ‘A Line to Kill’ in exchange for my honest review.

A Line to Kill’ will be published on 19th August 2021. You can buy your copy on Amazon here (and if you use my link, I’ll get a little commission at no extra cost to yourself).

The picture is of the front cover of A Line to Kill by Anthony Horowitz

6 thoughts on “Book Review of ‘A Line to Kill’ by Anthony Horowitz

  1. I remember my son was a big Horowitz fan as a child and as a teen. I have read his Sherlock Holmes novel but had no idea he had branched further into writing for adults. Sounds a good read!


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