Check out this stunning cover!

I’m delighted to be taking part in the cover reveal for Farah Cook’s new novel, ‘Care for Me’ – and wow, what a cover it is!

Care for Me‘ is a psychological thriller which promises to be a tense, emotional and full of twists and turns. The novel plays with the classic psychological suspense tropes: it has a closed, atmospheric setting, an unreliable narrator, and a compelling plot – but it uses suspense to convey a heartrending and emotional story of one family and a tragedy that haunts them.

Book description:

When Amira takes her mother Afrah to Ravenswood Lodge Care Home, she thinks they will both be safe. But the past is just around the corner . . .

Amira is struggling to look after her mother, Afrah. So when they arrive at Ravenswood Lodge Care Home, beautiful and imposing against the background of the Scottish Highlands, she hopes it is the right decision for them both.

But soon Afrah insists her belongings are being stolen, her photographs, her jewellery, her pill boxes, Amira and the staff are convinced it’s just Afrah’s imagination, it’s just her memory.

But Afrah knows Ravenswood Lodge isn’t a safe place. Could it have something to do with the past? She remembers newspaper clippings, hazy images of a fire years ago, a memory she’s spent years forgetting and now she just wants to remember.

Someone wants her gone. But first, she needs to convince Amira of the truth.

The compelling, heartbreaking debut novel by Farah Cook, about mothers and daughters, and secrets that are never really forgotten . . .

Elizabeth is Missing meets I Let You Go in this page-turning psychological suspense novel from debut author Farah Cook. Perfect for fans of Clare Mackintosh and K L Slater.

I was fortunate in getting to read the first three chapters before this cover reveal, and I am completely gripped! After a very dramatic prologue, we meet Amira and her seventy-five year old mother, Afrah. Afrah suffers with dementia and Amira is her carer. In these first few chapters, we have already begun to see tragedy and pain in the lives of both women, and hints have already been dropped about mysterious events in their pasts. I requested to read a copy of the full novel as soon as I finished the third chapter, and I’m gutted that I can’t carry on with it tonight!

So let’s talk a little about the cover. Well, I’m immediately drawn into the dramatic image of something burning. But what is it that burning, and is it being burnt intentionally or by accident. And the text hints at secrets – is someone hoping to cover up a secret by burning something? I hate not knowing, especially when I’ve been hooked in by those pesky first few chapters!

Put this one on your TBR pile / Goodreads lists – I doubt you’ll be disappointed! You can pre-order a copy here.

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