Book Review of ‘The Secret of the Treasure Keepers’ by A. M. Howell

This week, we celebrate the publication of another delightful historical mystery from one of my favourite middle grade fiction writers, A. M. Howell. Following on from last year’s hugely popular ‘Mystery of the Nightwatchers’, this time we’re visiting post-war Norfolk for ‘The Secret of the Treasure Keepers’. Excited? You should be!

It’s 1948, and Ruth and her mother arrive at Rook Farm to investigate the discovery of long-buried treasure. Here she meets Joe, and his mother, Mary, who have discovered Roman silverware in one of their fields. But this is far from a straightforward archaeological dig, and Ruth’s mother realises straight away that something about this find just isn’t right.

With the farm facing financial crisis, Ruth and Joe must race against the clock to uncover the secrets of not just one, but two treasure troves. Can they secure the treasure in time to save the farm and their families’ futures?

As we’ve grown to expect from Howell’s historical novels, this latest story is meticulously researched, and immerses us in the world of land girls, post-war rationing and the blitz. I particularly enjoyed the character’s of Ruth and her mother, and the sympathetic portrayal of parental loss.

The image shows the cover of ‘The Secret of the Treasure Keepers’ by A. M. Howell.  A boy and girl sit of the grass dress in clothes from the 1950s.

Thank you to NetGalley, Usborne and A.M. Howell for this ARC in return for my honest review.

‘The Secret of the Treasure Keepers’ will be published on 31st March 2022.

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