Book Review of ‘The Catch’ by T. M. Logan

All that Ed has ever wanted for his daughter is for her to be happy. You’d expect him to be delighted when he first meets her daughter’s new boyfriend, Ryan, as he’s absolutely perfect: good-lucking, polite, self-sufficient and enjoying an impressive career. But far from being the ‘catch’ that others find him to be, Ed suspects that there is something deeply wrong about this new boyfriend. The only problem, is that nobody else can see it.

Convinced that his daughter is in danger, Ed begins to investigate his past. But as Ed becomes obsessed with discovering the truth, we realise that there may be a very thin line between protection and criminality. Is Ryan really Mr Perfect? Is Ed really the doting father, or merely seeing things that just aren’t there?

The characters in this novel are realistic and appealing – all have their flaws, vulnerabilities and likeable points. I found ‘The Catch’ to have an orginal plot (even in the world of thrillers!) and to be well-paced.

I listened to the audiobook version of the novel and enjoyed the narration, which was expressive and engaging throughout the recording.

Thank you to NetGalley, T. M. Logan and Bonnier UK audio for this audiobook in return for my honest review.

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