July Reading Round-up

Considering that I’ve been enjoying the summer break from teaching for the last three weeks, I haven’t really done too much reading in July, as I’ve been trying to get some writing done.

I’ve been fortunate in getting the opportunity to read some fabulous ARCs this month.

‘A Line to Kill’ is the third in Anthony Horowitz’s Hawthorne series, and once again mixes the literary and detective worlds. ‘How to Kill your Family’ is a refreshingly tongue-in-cheek murder revelation. ‘A Farmhouse in Tuscany’ is a lovely summery novel for all those who enjoy romance, the Italian countryside and horses.

The picture shows the front cover of ‘A Line to Kill’ by Anthony Horowitz. The picture shows a view through a cove.  There is blood on a rock.
My review is here. Buy a copy here.
The picture is of the front cover of ‘How to Kill your Family’ by Bella Mackie.  It is predominantly pastel pink and features a girl in jeans, holding a shovel.
My review is here. Buy a copy here.
The picture is of the front cover of ‘A Farmhouse in Tuscany’ by Victoria Springfield.  It features a woman in a straw hat facing away from the reader.  She is overlooking a scene of the Tuscan countryside, which includes a horse.
Review to follow. Buy a copy here.

I’ve also been reading some novels which have been published this year.

‘The Appeal’ is a really refreshing delivery of a murder mystery in the format of emails, text messages, and letters. ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ is a fabulous ‘cozy Murder’ set in a retirement community, and ‘Paper Castles’ is an independently-published introspective look at one man’s life, priorities and finding of love.

My review is here. Buy a copy here.

Buy a copy here.

Buy a copy here.

I also enjoyed listening to an audiobook of the second of Margaret Atwood’s futuristic dystopia trilogy, ‘The Year of the Flood’, and am now half-way through the third in the series, ‘MaddAddam’.

Buy a copy here.

Buy a copy here.

Disclaimer: If you purchase a copy of any of these books by clicking on these links, I will get a small commission from Amazon at no extra cost to yourself.

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